Strategic Plan


Deepening Our Roots, Extending Our Reach

In its 20th anniversary year with the input of current parents and students, faculty and members of the Board of Trustees, alumni and their families, and friends of the school, Friends School of Wilmington has created its 2nd strategic plan. For a generation FSW has educated children in the context of Quaker values, using character-enhancing, inquiry-based pedagogy with the goal of preparing students to flourish in the 21st century.  A growing body of research makes clear that 21st-century employers value the skills that FSW imparts to its children. We are proud that our approach to educating the whole child reaps such benefits, and we also realize that maximizing the value of the FSW experience for our children and transitioning from a young, fledgling school to an educational cornerstone within the Wilmington community demands more.

With these overarching goals in mind, we entered this process with a query:

After 20 years of this wonderful experiment, what are the next steps required to deepen our roots, extend our reach, and strengthen our impact on our students, alumni, and the greater Wilmington community into the decades to come?

Recognizing that a Friends School education is one that can transform the lives of students, families, and the many employees that work on their behalf, we share a palpable sense of not only community but possibility.  We seek to ensure that this opportunity is accessible, sustainable and more vigorous than ever.

This strategic plan represents our collective view of the path we must follow. It allows us to exemplify our values and turn this wonderful experiment into an enduring pillar in the wider community.

Explore the strategic goals that will provide the framework for the next steps in our continued development.

With the help of the larger FSW community, the staff and Board of Trustees will passionately pursue the strategic goals put forth in this plan. The proposed initiatives represent our collective view of the best way to accomplish these goals in the current climate.  In the coming years, we will carry out these initiatives in a way that is fiscally sound and maximizes the value of the FSW experience. We see this plan as a living document that will guide us as we take our next steps. It allows us to respond nimbly, as our community evolves, and new challenges or opportunities emerge. 

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