1st/2nd Grade - Seahorse Classrooms

Seahorse students begin each day with an outdoor recess, which allows them the opportunity to enjoy nature, play, and socialize before the academic day begins. Studies show that children are better able to focus and perform on school work if given access to unstructured outdoor play at regular intervals throughout the school day.  Seahorse students enjoy more than an hour of recess each day that is divided between periods of dedicated academic work. Providing our students with fresh air and sunshine is an important part of our overall vision of the ideal school day.

Following morning recess, students enter their classrooms for a morning meeting that includes singing, community building, and important discussions that touch upon many academic subjects. Students spend the rest of the school day  actively engaged in learning  with their classroom or specialist teachers.  Seahorse teachers use thematic units to engage students in inquiry, observation, and hands-on active learning throughout the year.

The Seahorse Language Arts program includes a comprehensive curriculum in which students  learn important literacy skills through daily reading and writing workshops.  In guided and individual reading sessions, students develop skills ranging from decoding unfamiliar words and phonological and phonemic awareness to comprehension strategies, reading for research, and identifying authors and plot characteristics.  Teachers monitor each student’s reading fluency and progress on a constant basis. Seahorse students participate in daily writing activities using the mini-lesson and conferencing model created by Lucy Calkins in her Units of Study.

Seahorse students are immersed in a full hour of math each day.  Math lessons begin during Morning Meeting when students count the days of school and explore each number to discover factors and other numerical relationships from  Using the Everyday Math curriculum as a foundation, Seahorse students work individually and in collaborative groups to develop concrete mathematical skills and conceptual understanding. 1st/2nd grade teachers also integrate mathematical learning into theme units. From their earliest days as math students, children build a positive math identity that will prepare them for success in math in future years.

Social Studies and Science in the Seahorse class helps form the topical basis of our theme units. We invite our Seahorse students to explore the world around them with an open mind, active engagement, and reflective observation.  From chemical and physical properties of water to in-class observation of the life cycles of butterflies, Seahorse students are encouraged to experience the wonder of the natural world both inside and outside the classroom. Through social studies, students explore maps, open their eyes to different cultures, understand what it means to be a part of a community and gain perspective on the similarities and differences that they share with children around the world.


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