5th Grade

Fifth grade focuses on building independent learners who know how to advocate for themselves and for others. The fifth grade social curriculum is integrated throughout the entire school year. However, during the first six to eight weeks of school, students explicitly learn how to become independent learners, thinkers, and achievers (socially and academically). Students are taught how to build a positive community in their classroom and practice the idea that a simple act of kindness can have an effect on everyone! This is a theme that connects to learning many times over in fifth grade.

Fifth graders engage in Language Arts through Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop lessons that reflect the Lucy Calkins’ model of teaching, a curriculum out of Columbia University. Students are presented with a mini-lesson that demonstrates how to apply what is learned at their own level. Social Studies and Science units of study are integrated within Language Arts which makes connecting information to the real world a natural part of the curriculum.

As readers, fifth graders learn how to navigate nonfiction texts, comprehend and learn from historical fiction novels and practice reading comprehension strategies that guide them into becoming independent learners. There is time set aside every day for read aloud to model fluency and expression as well as a guide for discussions that call on students' ability to articulate their understanding of the story.

As writers, students are engaging in all sorts of writing pieces. Throughout fifth grade, students will complete a narrative fiction story, an informational essay, a research essay, a poetry book, a historical fiction picture book, and a magazine project. All of these writing pieces guide students in developing their grammar, organizational, and content writing skills.

Using Everyday Math as the basis for FSW’s comprehensive math curriculum, students build abstract mathematical thinking while practicing math skills. Interactive notebooks and a math rotation are added to the curriculum as a way to meet the needs of every student. When you walk into a math class, you might see a student cutting, pasting and/or drawing in his or her Interactive Notebook while another small group of students is working at the table with the teacher for more one-on-one guidance. Games are often used to reinforce math skills that were taught. Students will engage in independent, partner, or small group games to gain this extra practice.

During fifth grade, students are challenged with high expectations and units of study that embrace the whole child.

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