Science Curriculum

The study of science provides students with powerful ways to understand the natural world. We seek to inspire students’ curiosity, develop critical thinking and analytical skills, and provide a foundation for further exploration. At FSW, our curriculum emphasizes experiential learning, observation, data analysis, problem solving, reflection, and clear demonstration of understanding. We use the resources of our campus, Wilmington, and the Cape Fear River Basin as an integral part of our science program.


6th Grade

Physical Properties of Materials
Energy Flow and Heat Transfer
Solar Energy and Plant Processes: Photosynthesis and Respiration
Basic Botany: Plant Classification and Growth Reproduction
Biomes: Structure and Sustainability
Why is there LIFE on Earth? / Space Exploration


7th Grade

Motion and Force
Mechanical Energy and Machines
Atmosphere: Structure & Function
Basic Cells: Structure & Function
Genetics and Heredity: Passing Along Differences
From Cells to Systems
Human Body Systems


8th Grade

Chemistry: Energy & Matter
Energy Policies
Food Webs: Energy Flow & Materials Cycles
Diseases & Epidemiology
Brain Structure & Function
Basic Psychology
Deep Geological Time: Evolution & the Fossil Record
Marine Ecosystems

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