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You belong.

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Justice. Belonging. Our ongoing work here at FSW is to build a transformative community of dynamic learners who are guided by unwavering empathy, cultural competency, and social awareness. We prepare students to navigate an increasingly networked global society, challenge systemic biases, and contribute to a more just and inclusive world. 

We are deeply driven by our Quaker origins—a history shaped by profound commitments to the abolition of slavery, suffragette voting rights, the Civil Rights movement, LGBTQ+ equality, and Indigenous land reconciliation. We not only recall the historical and ongoing work of Friends but also continue to examine myriad ways in which we can build upon our own campus values. These efforts are reflected in and by our school-wide programming, faculty/staff professional development, family workshops, donor and endowment support, cross-cultural community events, and organizational partnerships. 

Roadmap to Belonging

Friends School of Wilmington celebrates inclusivity and promotes diversity of our students, faculty, and staff. Through curricula and intentional programming that advocates for social justice, we prepare our students to engage in the world with curiosity and respect for all people.