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Quaker Education & Values

Challenging the mind. Nourishing the spirit.

Most students, parents, and staff at FSW are not Quaker. We follow varied religious traditions—or none at all—but our identity as a Friends School is central to who we are. Friends believe that each person has the capacity for goodness and a responsibility to attain that goodness. We regard education as preparation for the whole of life: the lively development of intellectual, physical, and social-emotional capacities, as well as those of the spirit.

Friends School teachers are facilitators of the learning process, using dialogue, reflection, and inquiry as tools for learning in the classroom, and students regard all of life as sacred and resonate with meaning. At its core, a Friends School aims to provide a holistic education that combines academic excellence with the development of ethical character, social responsibility, and spiritual growth.

Quakers collectively agree on a core set of principles to guide positive change in the world—within and beyond—an educational mission. The acronym SPICES, representing simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship, is commonly used to recall these values.

Quaker Education: Preparing Students to Transform the World
Quaker Education: What the World Needs Now

The Quaker's Cabinet of SPICES

Unique Learning Outcomes