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Tailored Tuition & Scholarships

We believe in providing an exceptional and inclusive education for all students, reflecting our founding Quaker beliefs that every child is deserving of a nurturing and inspiring learning experience.

To uphold this commitment, we have developed a tailored tuition model that aligns with the values of our school community. Our goal is to create accessibility and affordability in a sustainable manner, ensuring that families from diverse backgrounds can benefit from our educational offerings.

Through our innovative Tailored Tuition program, families who seek a tuition level below the top of the range are invited to submit their financial information for review and consideration. We understand that each family's financial circumstances are unique, so we work closely with applicants to calculate a tailored tuition that reflects your specific financial profile.

Our commitment to inclusivity and access extends to families from all walks of life, and we look forward to partnering with you to make this transformative educational experience possible for your child.

At A Glance

Tailored Tuition available for K-8 students

Scholarship funding through NC-SEAA programs

Provided in Tailored Tuition last year 

Tailored Tuition Process


Scholarship Opportunities

Marla Schoolmeester

Business Manager