Alumni Day Reunion on Campus

What do an aquarium volunteer, a Beta Club honoree, an Ultimate Frisbee champion, and a student council representative all have in common? They’re FSW graduates who reunited on campus for our annual Alumni Day celebration! These now-high schoolers shared memories and laughs over pizza, connected with our current kindergarten students (class of 2031!), joined in reflection with Middle Schoolers at Meeting for Worship, and shared advice to thrive in high school with our 7th and 8th graders. 
Lucas Horne, a current senior, reflected on one of the greatest lessons he learned during his time here: "Treat people with unconditional kindness." Other words of wisdom? "Be open minded." "Embrace the differences that you have." "It's okay to ask for help." We are so proud to call these young adults FSW alums and to celebrate their incredible accomplishments and accolades. It is an immense honor and joy to watch our students go out into the world and act with courage, integrity, and love no matter where their life journey may take them.
Are you an alum who has an exciting life update you’d like to share with the Friends community? If so, reach out to our Communications Associate, Rachel Presley at [email protected], and she'll be in touch with you soon!