Classroom Highlights (Week of April 10, 2023)

Planting Roots for Lifelong Learning: 2nd Grade Seahorses & Seed Studies
2nd grade Seahorses have completed a number of seed-themed projects these past two weeks, like creating seed piece mosaics and comparing container garden growth studies. Students even went the chopping block (literally!) to determine which pieces of produce were fruits or vegetables based on seed properties and characteristics. Earlier this week, the class learned about plant parts and life cycles and then applied the lesson to decide on garden arrays and seed arrangements, while also calculating bed dimensions.

Heroes of Their Own Story: 6th Grade Cross-Curricular Mythology

Our 6th grade students are quite the world travelers this month! The class is currently in the midst of a cross-curricular unit on mythology, learning about Greek & Roman mythology and culture with Glen Schubert in Social Studies and reading Percy Jackson with Kaylie Saidin in Language Arts. Kaylie has also challenged students to take inspiration from Rick Riordan's novel and pen their own creation myths (pictured below). We can't wait to read about these epic heroes after they complete their quest!


It's Sink or Swim!: 8th Grade Students Prepare for Annual Boat Regatta

8th grade students are preparing for what has become an end-of-year competition tradition: the annual Boat Regatta, held in late May at Wrightsville Beach. Students have been tasked with designing and engineering a boat made from cardboard and duct tape which will be raced on the Intracoastal Waterway. The class has studied Archimedes' principle and related concepts around buoyancy, density, and boat design to give them the best chance of keeping their boats afloat!


I Am Myself: Zoom w/ Children's Author

4th and 7th grade students had the opportunity this week to virtually meet with author Theresa Borrelli of Weehawken, New Jersey. Theresa is the author of several books focusing on disabilities-- specifically Tourette’s Syndrome--a neurodevelopmental condition she has. Her memoir, I Am Myself, and children's book, Why Is Jamie Different?, both emphasize the need to embrace personal differences and accept others as they are. We are especially grateful to Jennifer Barfield, our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator, for connecting with Theresa and organizing this important event!


Goose, Goose, Duck? 3rd Grade Students Meet with Wildlife Biologist

April showers bring May flowers and mark the return of our resident pair of Canada Geese at the Polk Peace Pond. While goose activity on campus presents a number of challenges that affect our outdoor areas and classrooms in many different ways, it also provides an exciting learning opportunity to watch a new gaggle of goslings (and one Mallard duckling) hatch on campus. This week we hosted Chris Kent--a wildlife biologist for the NC Wildlife Resources Commission--to meet with our 3rd grade class. Chris spent time talking with students, offering habitat assessment and wildlife management techniques. We are so  appreciative of Chris' expertise and welcome the conversations ahead as we explore our complex relationships with Canada geese.


Stress Awareness & Mental Health

Landis Holman, our clinical mental health and school counselor, has been working with Lower School students on breathing techniques to help manage big emotions. "Hot chocolate breath" and "candle breath" are two phrases that teachers and parents can use to remind children to pause and breathe with intention. Another technique to try? Finding and decorating a "worry rock" or "worry shell" to push away intrusive and negative thoughts. Check out some of these wonderful Kindergarten creations!