Afterschool Enrichment & Care

Friends School of Wilmington offers an extensive Afterschool Enrichment Program as well as Afterschool Care.
Enrichment programming featured structured content and student participation in areas like gymnastics, pottery, nature lessons, cross country running, skate squad, Science Olympiad, and Ultimate Frisbee.

By contrast, Afterschool Care provides students an opportunity to connect with peers, participate in physical activity, or engage in quiet study following the end of the school day. Care is facilitated by two staff members who supervise snack, art activities, outdoor play, reading groups, and/or cooperative games. Older students also have the option for quiet study time, allowing them to independently complete homework assignments. Students enjoy a familiar environment in which to play where social expectations are consistent with the school day.
Students may attend once a week, several days of choice, or Monday through Friday. Enrollment is offered at quarterly and annual intervals. For questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Director of Auxiliary Programs, Mitch Bernstein.