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Alumni Spotlight

Ursula Flugel - Montessori Preschool Teacher 2002-2009
Nick Scarff - Class of 2006
Nick graduated from Friends School of Wilmington in 2006 and attended Hoggard High School. He earned degrees from NC State in Biochemistry and International Studies. Nick developed a passion for high quality whiskey and combined this with his love for chemistry and this resulted in a career developing products for major spirits brands and celebrities interested in entering the spirits market. Nick used his success in these endeavors to start a consulting business, a venture that led him to joining Next Century Spirits, a Raleigh based technology startup as Master Blender and VP of Business Development. Nick has worked all over the world, most recently in England, India, Japan, and China. Nick spends his time developing chemistry-based technologies and creating whiskies, rums, and other premium spirits for distilleries and brands all over the world, along the way garnering over 70 medals in international competitions. Nick was recently interviewed by Forbes magazine about the work he is doing with NCS, and you can read that article here:

In reflecting on what he gained from his middle school experience at FSW, he notes:

“I'm continually reminded how important it is to have access to education that encourages young students to look at the world from a global perspective. Understanding and respecting other people and cultures is crucial in developing interpersonal skills and ethical decision making processes that kids will carry with them for the rest of their lives, guiding them as they become leaders in their fields.

I also feel it is worth mentioning that I met my best friend of 16 years at FSW, and the ability to pursue my musical interests there turned into a lifelong hobby. My current band is active in the music scene in the Triangle, and has played at Carolina Hurricanes' games, The State Fair, and we did a spot for UNC-TV.”
Camille Bourne - Class of 2011
Camille attended Marymount Manhattan College earning her undergraduate degree in Communication and Media Arts in 2018. She is currently working on her MFA in Creative Producing from UNC School of the Arts. Camille presented her senior thesis On Truthiness: or How One Word Changed the Scope of American Political Scene at the Central States Communication Association Annual Conference as part of the Undergraduate Honors Research Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, April 5-6, 2019. You can read about that work here:
Camille recently released a zine she created entitled, "The Quarantine Cookbook." She explains, "It's a zine to benefit the Okra Project, which provides culturally specific meals to Black trans people across the world, but operates heavily in the South. To get a copy, people simply have to donate to the Okra Project and send me proof OR contact one of their elected representatives about an issue that promotes social justice." You can see an explanation of the zine and the Okra Project in the info-graphics she created above. (You can click to enlarge and view them individually.)
We are proud to call Camille an FSW alum, and to witness her using the intelligence, compassion, creativity, and productive energy that we saw when she was a student at Friends School of Wilmington to make the world a more just place. Camille is the embodiment of a lifelong learner who acts with courage, integrity, and love!