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Our Approach

FSW’s academic curriculum is built on nationally recognized, research-based programs for math (University of Chicago) and literacy (Columbia University & Orton-Gillingham), includes thematically integrated social studies and science units, and features a strong emphasis on Spanish, art, music and PE. See below for a general overview of the curriculum and click on fsow.org for the details.
Montessori-based Preschool Program
  • Self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play
  • Students make choices in their learning, while the teacher guides the process
  • Intentionally planned environment to help concentration and encourage independence, exploration and curiosity
Inquiry-based Program, K-8
  • Emphasis on independent learning and collaborative working groups
  • Students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, reflection, analysis and research skills
  • Teachers are expert facilitators who consistently incorporate hands-on, experiential study
  • Fostering habits that lead students to love learning for life
  • Classroom management infused with Teaching Children to Care, Responsive Classroom, and Developmental Designs