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At Friends School, teachers invest a great deal of time and care into ongoing evaluation and assessment. Students are given continual individualized feedback about their areas of strength and their next steps. Formal evaluations by teachers are completed and shared with parents/guardians on a periodic basis. The timing and format of these evaluations varies based on the age of the student.

Montessori (18 months through Kindergarten)

Parents/guardians and teachers meet twice per year to review and discuss student growth. Written evaluations with detailed information on developmental progress and student growth are sent home twice a year. Parents and teachers collaborate to address any areas of concern, developing a plan to address these concerns.

Lower and Middle School

To assess progress, teachers accumulate and review student work on an ongoing basis using a wide variety of instruments including presentations, conferences, observations, student reflections, running records, interviews, and written assessments. In addition, Friends School teachers write a detailed progress report for parent/guardians 2-4 times each year. This report tracks student progress and includes a narrative assessment characterizing the student’s social adjustment and overall development as a learner. Each spring, 3-8th graders complete the ERB CTP4, a standardized test utilized by a majority of independent schools around the country.

Parent/Teacher Conferences in Elementary and Middle School

Teachers and parent/guardians meet to discuss student progress at the end of the first quarter and third quarter of the school year. Teachers share base-line student assessments with parent/guardians, discuss strengths adn growing edges, and report on student social adjustment at school. Parent/guardians and teachers collaborate to address challenges with clear, individualized plans for growth.