Board of Trustees

The Friends School of Wilmington Board of Trustees is charged with safeguarding the school’s mission and securing its future. The Board does so by: setting school policies; hiring, evaluating, and supporting the Head of School; undertaking strategic planning; and holding fiduciary responsibility for the school. Board meetings are conducted in the style of a Friends Meeting for Business. In this process each member may speak to a particular issue. Decisions are made not by majority vote, but by reaching a “sense of the meeting” through open discussions and intentional listening. Reaching unity does not necessarily mean unanimity, but it does mean that each voice is heard, and that all present accept responsibility for the decision.
Meet Our Board

Board Committees 


Board members serve on the following Committees: Governance, Advancement, Finance, and DEIJB. The Advancement Committee and the DEIJB Council also include school and community members who are not trustees. In addition, the Board also maintains an Executive Committee (ExComm) who sets agendas for board meetings and supports and evaluates the Head of School. ExComm is comprised of the Board’s clerk, co-clerk, treasurer, secretary and head of school (ex-officio).
Committee Tasks
Governance Identifies and recommends candidates for committees and trustees, conducts trustee training, board and trustee evaluation, and head evaluation. Lindsey McCoy
Advancement Provides oversight of Advancement efforts and supports Advancement staff with the Annual Fund. Sarah McIntosh & Cara Stretch
Finance Advises board on budgeting, financial policies, tuition changes, and financial planning. Joe Finley
DEIJB Council Oversees Diversity initiatives, partnerships and programming at Friends School. Brenda Esch

The FSW Board of Trustees invites you to consider making a nomination to the Friends School Board or Board committees. These nominees will be shared with the Governance Committee for review and consideration. We seek nominees who have a clear understanding of the essential values of Friends schools and who are committed to Quaker education. We aim to ensure the diversity of the board by age, ethnicity, race, gender, life experience, and constituent role (e.g., current parents/grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, Quakers, and representation from the Wilmington community). The Governance committee also seeks candidates with necessary skills to support the work of the board and ensures that Trustees and committee members are able to commit to at least one 3-year term. 
To access the nomination form, please click on the nomination form here. The PDF form contains interactive text fields and should be downloaded to be filled out. Completed nominations may be emailed to the attention of the Governance Committee at [email protected]