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Community Engagement

At Friends School of Wilmington, we believe that community is an integral part of a student's education. Former students, parents, staff, and board members continue to remain active members of the Friends School community long after they leave the School.

Our approach to education is constructivist; our pedagogy is inquiry-based, valuing multiple perspectives. Thus every member of the community plays a vital role in our continuing search for academic excellence in an environment where values matter.

And, in part, the Friends School community continues to matter to people after they leave the School because so many wonderful people find their way here. Our families are diverse in many ways: career, national origin, race, religion, family structure, sexual orientation, socio-economic background. Personal relationships matter, and when the going gets tough, no one is alone.

It's also important to add that at Friends School, community extends far beyond the school. See Service Learning to learn about ways in which students reach beyond Friends School to explore their place and role in the world.