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At Friends School of WIlmington Preschool through 8th grade artists engage in a wide variety of Art making experiences that awaken a sense of visual curiosity, develop fine motor skills, and encourage artistic expression. The four areas that we focus on are: art aesthetics, art production, art history, and critique. The combination of these four areas creates a well-balanced understanding of every aspect of Art.
Our Preschool and Kindergarten program encourages expressive imagination in our young artists. This is accomplished by offering students the opportunity to participate in a variety of art-making processes using a wide range of sensory materials. Students make choices among the play-dough and rice centers, open easel, sketchbook drawing, and teacher-guided projects.
1st through 5th grade artists focus on exploring the elements of art; line, color, form, value, shape, texture and space, through engaging in projects using a wide variety of media and techniques ranging from pastels, paper, and paint to charcoal, sand and mosaic tiles. Interdisciplinary connections are made as content from classroom thematic units is explored in Art class.
Technology is integrated into the curriculum through the use of iPads by studying digital design and photography and enabling virtual tours of art collections around the world.
Through the process of critique, students gain an awareness of the artwork created by others by looking at and observing different artists’ work. Throughout the process of creating artwork, as well as at the conclusion of each project, students reflect on their own artwork as well of their peers’ artwork though games, discussions, and “gallery walks”. Students are encouraged to use the vocabulary particular to the current project as well as vocabulary previously learned. While working on all projects, students are encouraged to talk to each other about ideas, ask questions, and walk around the room to view the artwork created by their peers. Through these discussions, students gain an understanding of the techniques used by their peers and the thought behind each other’s work.
At every age, Friends School of Wilmington students are encouraged to analyze and appreciate art, to embrace artistic expression and to develop their individual artistic identities.