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Physical Education

Physical Education classes at Friends School of Wilmington follow the SPARK Curriculum - Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids - a research-based program designed to be inclusive, active and developmentally engaging. Our PE program prioritizes strategies to adapt games and activities to fit the physical abilities of all students.
Kindergarten through 2nd grade builds a PE foundation with learning about general and personal space, creative moves, locomotor skills, partners and groupings. Through cooperative games that incorporate balls, hoops and other equipment, students begin to learn skills like throwing, catching, kicking, trapping and dribbling which prepare them for many individual and team sports.
3rd through 8th grade classes focus on skill progression from simple to more complex. Activities include soccer, frisbee golf, basketball, Jump Rope for Heart, obstacle courses, ultimate frisbee and games customized from student ideas.
PE classes often partner with Music to explore dance as an exercise in rhythmic movement and cardiovascular endurance. Students enjoy circle and square dancing, the Virginia Reel and explore world dances integrated with their cultural studies.
Students are assessed based on participation, cooperation, team work, enthusiasm and the ability to demonstrate the skills learned.