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What is a Friends School Education?

What is a Friends School education?A Friends School education offers a unique educational opportunity built on a 300 year-old tradition of Quaker values and academic excellence. 

Friends Council on Education, the only national organization for Friends Schools, describes the aims of Quaker education in the following way:

A Friends School hopes to offer a community that cares deeply about what kind of persons its members, young and old, are becoming, what goals and motives are effective in their lives, what their response is to the high calling of being human.  They hope to be communities of those who have, not only techniques and knowledge, but also a vivid relationship to reality, a hunger for worship, a passion for truth, and the experience of growth in the Light.

Quaker education does not seek to inculcate a particular set of beliefs or doctrines; it seeks to nurture a particular sort of personhood—a person who knows deep down that sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing are not all there are to life; a person who, in an age of rampant materialism, has first-hand experience of the reality and importance of the Spirit in life; a person rooted as much in the unseen as in the seen, as much in the spiritual as in the physical; a person who has a capacity for reverence, and who is as well equipped to experience the Spirit as to do work in the world.

This is a person who has learned that truth, beauty, goodness, and love are evidences of the transforming power of the Spirit and everywhere imbued with meaning; a person who is optimistic about the ability of live and good will to mend the affairs of humanity; a person who has begun to develop the courage to testify outwardly to what he or she knows inwardly; a person who has the courage to follow the inward argument where it leads.

Quaker education represents a unique combination of academic excellence and spiritual depth.           

from “What does a Friends School have to Offer?”, Friends Council on Education

For more information about a Friends School education, go to Friends Council on Education website.


For an excellent, brief article, written by Tom Farquhar, Head of Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, entitled "Engagements:  Eight Distinctions of Quaker Education", go to