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Application Process

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to learn about Friends School. We are delighted with your interest in our school and look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions about Friends School or the admissions process, please contact David Hoolahan at [email protected] or 910.792.1811.

1. Complete and submit an online application.
2. Include a student photo, and the student questionnaire or writing/drawing sample, as appropriate. 
3. Forward a Teacher Recommendation Form to the teacher who has most recently had the responsibility for the student ’s educational progress. The completed form should be sent directly to Friends School.
4. Sign and return the records release authorization form to the student's current school. It is the parent/guardians’ responsibility to ensure that complete school records (including all health records, grade reports, standardized test scores and evaluations by specialists) are forwarded to Friends School.
5. Ensure that we receive any other relevant information, including evaluations by specialists that are not included in school records. 
6. Once the application is complete, the Director of Admissions will contact the parent/guardian to schedule a student admissions visit. 
7. Following the admissions visit, the Admissions Committee will meet to thoughtfully discuss the applicant's admissions visit and review the applicant’s application and related documents. The Director of Admissions will notify the parent/guardian of an admission decision.