Montessori Preschool » Age 3 to 5 Years

Age 3 to 5 Years

Our Montessori-based Stargazer Preschool program provides a nurturing, child-centered, prepared environment that allows for the natural development of each child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive skills. The classrooms invite children into an exciting realm of ideas and discovery, where they are able to assimilate information through concrete, experiential learning in a non-competitive atmosphere.


Children ages three to five are together in one classroom. This age span enables older children to model behavior and lessons for younger children and gain valuable leadership skills in the classroom. Children’s verbal, reasoning, and social skills develop at an individual pace so opportunities in a multi-age classroom provide many opportunities for positive social interaction. First and second year students (ages 3-5) are enrolled in the half day program five mornings per week. Extended Day is available for these students to extend their day until 2:45. Over the course of the day children are free to explore the classroom and complete work in each of the main areas: Practical Life, Language Arts, Mathematics, Sensorial, and Cultural Arts. The teacher respects individual styles of learning and allows each child to progress at the child’s own pace. Spanish, music, art, physical education , and outdoor exploration are included in the child’s week.


One of the hallmarks of Friends School education is the deep respect we hold for one another with the tone of the classroom, one of purpose, responsibility, and order. Children learn to respect the work of others, to quietly indicate their need for attention from a teacher, and to appreciate the value of others’ contributions in the classroom. They learn to share in the responsibilities of the classroom and manage conflicts peacefully. The teacher is always there to help with problem solving, to listen, and to model appropriate responses. We build a caring social community at Friends School that inspires each child to respect and celebrate the unique gifts that classmates bring to the group.