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Music and Performance
At Friends School of Wilmington, the primary goals of the music program are to create, learn, understand and appreciate music.
In the preschool classrooms, our young musicians are exploring instrument sounds and ensemble playing, discovering their potential for beat and rhythm and practicing vocal play with the context of songs. Story time is used to enhance language and speech development. Movement activities like group dances and circle games encourage coordination and sequencing.
Lower school students expand to vocal technique, reading and writing music, melodic and rhythmic notation and conducting a group of musicians. By middle school, our students are arranging music and instrumentation in accompaniment to their cultural studies – most recently composing a Gamelan Orchestra while studying Balinese Music.
All music students focus on learning to listen, analyze, describe, and critique music. They examine the role of music throughout history and in different cultures, developing awareness and respect for diversity. Throughout the year, students are introduced to the String, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion and Keyboard instruments and an array of cultural instruments. They learn to play the instruments with correct fingerings, rhythmic accuracy, appropriate technique and posture. Private instruction is also available for further learning in our afterschool program.
Developing confidence and presentation skills, students have the opportunity to perform frequently in front of an audience with solo and group performances in voice or instrumental, dance, dramatic plays and musicals and community events. Families enjoy these musical presentations often at holiday sing-alongs, GrandFriends Day, class plays, cultural demonstrations and the end of year school musical extravaganza.
In music class, students are always encouraged to model character traits such as respect, kindness, self-discipline, integrity and responsibility.