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Inquiry-Based Learning

Friends School of Wilmington’s academic program is grounded in inquiry. On a daily basis, students and faculty at every grade level delve deeply into questions that form the heart of a rich and substantive curriculum—first and second grade mathematicians identify place value, prime numbers, and divisibility patterns, fourth grade geographers explore the local terrain and create topographic maps, fifth graders conduct research and write plays; sixth graders explore the role of DNA in protein synthesis; Middle School language students converse in Spanish; all students connect with the world through art, music, technology and physical play. 

As FSW students move through our inquiry based program, they learn to read actively, to write clearly and persuasively, to listen thoughtfully, to think critically and compassionately, and to act responsibly in a rapidly changing world. Students and teachers learn with and from one another, growing from a willingness to venture from their comfort zones into their learning zones. Together, they create a vibrant community of learners, engaging in what Quaker educator Parker Palmer calls “an eternal conversation about things that matter, conducted with passion and discipline."