Lower School » Kindergarten


Emphasis on Individualization & Active Learning

Our Kindergarten program is uniquely structured to foster confidence and to help each child reach his or her full potential. Trained teachers encourage higher level thinking skills based on the developmental phases of each child.  Students' innate curiosity is nurtured through hands-on academic, cultural, enrichment, and environmental studies. Kindergarten students receive focused instruction in small group settings and benefit from a highly effective, individualized learning approach.

Hallmarks of our Kindergarten program include:

  • Academic instruction in Language, Writing, Reading, Math, Science and Geography
  •  Independent learning plans tailored for each student's learning style, academic level and pace
  • Cultural studies spanning Cooking, World Culture, Literature, Drama, History and Art
  • Enrichment classes in Spanish, Music, Art and Physical Education
  • Environmental studies with nature hikes, journaling and sampling for classroom experimentation
  • Writer's Workshops including Lucy Calkins Pathways to Writing, non-fiction and poetry
  • Montessori math in conjunction with Everyday Math curriculum
  • Regular field trips to take advantage of the area's educational, cultural and recreational offerings
  • Social curriculum reinforces peace and conflict resolution, teaching children to be part of a warm, respectful and supportive community
  • Service learning such as gardening, recycling and tending school pets 
  • Socialization through cooperative work, collective experiments, group lessons and shared meals
  • Meetings for Worship and group outings, often in tandem with 1st/2nd grade mentors

Developing Independent Study 

During morning work time, Kindergartners and their preschool classmates participate in morning meeting, small and large group lessons and individualized work. Independent study is facilitated using resources that teachers have carefully prepared to align with their current lessons. This autonomy instills critical skills of self-direction and time management needed for pending elementary grades. Support is readily available from a teacher and assistant in the classroom, well versed in collaborative learning.