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FSW as a Quaker School

Mission and Core Values
More than three centuries ago, the Religious Society of Friends - known informally as Quakers established Friends schools in order to provide an education in which the spirit in each child was recognized and nurtured within a community of learners. Since then, Friends schools have maintained a tradition of quality education, offering nurturing environments in which children encounter rigorous intellectual challenges, acquire requisite academic skills, discover outlets for playfulness and creativity, and develop values necessary to act in the world in socially responsible ways.

Since its founding, Friends School of Wilmington has been recognized for its experiential academic program, its strong sense of community, and its rootedness in the essential Quaker principles of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship/service - known within Friends school circles as the SPICES.
Wilmington Friends Meeting, Quakers, and FSW
Members of the Wilmington Friends Meeting (WFM) were instrumental in establishing Friends  School of Wilmington. FSW and WFM are separate corporate entities with separate governing boards, but the FSW Board of Trustees includes active Quakers, some of whom may be members or attenders of WFM.  

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