Middle School

Middle School at Friends School of Wilmington is an academically challenging environment where students are supported in their learning and social development by dedicated teachers who understand the joys and challenges of this important developmental phase. Students are expected to engage in cooperative, hands-on learning in a way that crosses curricular subject areas and requires increasing levels of critical thinking and personal responsibility. They are engaged as active agents of their intellectual and social growth and given increasing opportunities for leadership within their classroom and the school as they move through the program.  Through service learning, camping trips, and regular excursions off campus, middle school students grow in their understanding of their place in our town, our natural environment, and our global world. Upon graduation, it is our hope and intention that students leave Friends with a love of learning, a confidence that they can work through any challenge, and a sense of ethically responsible leadership.
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Mixed-Age Advisory
Here at Friends, we know that our academic successes are elevated by our students' relationships. A mixed-age advisory offers the opportunity for each student to gain a greater sense of personal capacity as the group builds trust and rises to meet challenges together. Our advisory model incorporates Developmental Designs' "4 basic needs of adolescence" (autonomy, relationship, competency, and fun) to provide students and teachers an avenue that leads to social affirmation and educational advancement. Weekly advisory groups engage in learning games, topical discussions, collaborative projects, and individual reflection. A sense of belonging and camaraderie can be unusual in a middle school, but at FSW, it is essential, and a mixed age advisory makes it possible for each and every student to thrive. 
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