Tailored Tuition

Friends School of Wilmington has a long-standing commitment to the founding belief that every child is equally deserving of an inspiring and inclusive education. Consistent with the values of our community, we have developed a tuition model designed to nurture the goal of creating both access and affordability in a sustainable way for our school. Our tailored tuition program is available to families of students enrolled in Kindergarten through 8th grade, and cost is determined based on each family's unique financial profile.
Our community of Friends School families includes many who can comfortably afford tuition; there are some families who pay full tuition, but only by making sacrifices; and there are others who can afford minimal tuition. Many families fall somewhere along the spectrum. We encourage you to ask questions and inquire about what offerings are available.
For Current Families
Families currently enrolled and receiving tailored tuition will need to submit an updated application each year via FACTS--our tuition management software. Families currently enrolled and NOT receiving tailored tuition whose circumstances indicate a potential need for assistance should let the Business Office know as soon as possible and then submit an application
Currently enrolled families will receive priority consideration as long as funds remain available.
For New Families
New families submitting an application for admissions should indicate on the application that they wish to apply for tailored tuition. New families should then submit an application via FACTS--our tuition management software.
Once a tailored tuition application has been received and the FACTS review has been completed, your request will be considered by our Finance Committee. You may be asked to meet with the Business Manager to discuss the particulars of your situation. Once a determination has been made, you will receive an email with a link to review the Tailored Tuition offer. If you accept the offer, your Tuition balance will be adjusted accordingly. 
New families will be considered for tailored tuition after the priority consideration period for returning families has passed, provided that funds remain available.
Learn more about our application process, how and when decisions are communicated, and more on our Frequently Asked Questions page; or, contact our Director of Admissions, David Hoolahan, today.