2021-2022 Tuition Schedule



Days per week

Full Prepay

Discount Plan


Payment Plan

Stepping Stones 2

18 months - 2 year old

2 Half-Days (Thurs/Fri)



Stepping Stones 3

2 - 3 year old

3 Half-Days (Mon/Tues/Wed)



Stepping Stones 5

2 - 3 year old

5 Half-Days 



Stargazer Primary

3 - 4 year old

5 Half-Days



Sea Star


5 Full Days 




1st - 2nd Grades

5 Full Days 




3rd - 4th Grades

5 Full Days 




5th Grade

5 Full Days 




6th Grade

5 Full Days 




7th Grade

5 Full Days 




8th Grade

5 Full Days 




Reservation Fee: Once an applicant has been accepted for admission, an enrollment position is secured when the fully signed enrollment contract is received by the school with a non-refundable fee of $900 (Pre-K) or 10% of the tuition.


New Family Enrollment Fee: For families new to Friends School, a separate fee of $750 is assessed. This fee is paid only one time per family, and thus is not charged for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th child who attends FSW.


Monthly Payment Plan: Families can choose to pay monthly by enrolling in FACTS ( A Tuition Management and Payment Processing System) for an annual fee of $41. 


Activity Costs: Additional occasional costs not included in tuition and fees include: optional enrichment programs, after school athletics and summer camps.  Families can also choose to enroll in FACTS to facilitate these occasional payments.


Late Fee: A 1.5% per month late charge will be assessed on any past due amounts and any costs of collection shall be paid for by the parents or guardian. We do not release records for students whose accounts have a past due balance.

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