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A network of counterparts who share in similar experiences, skills, and values as Friends graduates.

Whether you are a member of one of the very first classes of Wilmington Friends Meeting or a more recent graduate from our unified campus, we are committed to uplifting our alumni community and creating a network of counterparts who share in similar experiences, skills, and values as Friends graduates.

An FSW education prepares our students for an unpredictable world filled with creative possibilities to explore personal interests and dynamic pathways to give back to the wider community. Our alumni serve in the fields of social justice, medicine, education, journalism—far and wide and close to home. Some are in the armed forces, some in politics, and some in the clergy. We are so proud of each of them and thrilled to highlight their accomplishments in our Past Forward alumni profiles. Please check back often for our next update, and connect with us to share your own personal and professional announcements.

Past Forward Profiles

The Lifecycle of a Bee

When Emma Brinkley joined Friends School in 2008 as a 1st grade student, she didn’t foresee herself as a ceramics artist or as an aspiring art teacher. In fact, Emma's first encounter with ceramics isn’t quite what you would expect: “I was really bad at it," she chuckles. “Like, really bad. You can't fake it when your pottery keeps turning out wonky.” But rather than shying away, Emma dove headfirst into the challenge, determined to conquer the art form that initially eluded her. Today, she celebrates the opening of A Little Twisted Studio, a pottery business that she runs alongside her mother, Lori Brinkley, a therapist who practices in the same space. For both Emma and Lori, the studio is more than a business; it's a community—a place where artists and soul-seekers come together to create and grow, uplifting one another no matter their stage in life.

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Communicating Climate Crises

We Zoomed with Arden Lumpkin—FSW class of 2015 and newly minted alumna of NC State—to talk all things environmental education. Lumpkin, who graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Science and minor in Biological Sciences, narrates her journey from a dirt-loving Lower Schooler to a science communicator and the importance of public education on climate topics; plus, how the Quaker values of stewardship and community guided her along the way.

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2 FSW Grads Honored as WILMA's Future Leaders

As part of WILMA’s new Future Leaders initiative, which focuses on high school and middle school teens, they recently selected the 2022-2023 Future Leaders class. The group of sixteen 11th graders from schools throughout the region work with their mentors throughout the year, participate in the Future Leaders Fest, and attend Women to Watch Leadership Initiative events. Two of our very own FSW grads--Sophia Rouse and Dylan Schmidt (class of 2020) were part of the inaugural class. Read what leadership looks like and means to them in their own words.

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